Bryan Viking Reunion Golf Tournament – June 8th, 2015

The Phillips Event Center would like to recognize Ron Newhouse who has hosted many golf tournaments here over the years and has made a large impact on golfers in the Brazos Valley.  On June 9th, 2015 the Bryan Viking Reunion Golf Tournament was held to celebrate his collective works as a golf coach. After working for Bryan Independent School District for 41 years, 6 years at SFA Middle School and 35 years at Bryan High School, Mr. Newhouse has retired. Not only does this tournament celebrate a great man and his time working for BISD, but has been involved in the Annual Garrett Maliska Scholarship Fund. Garrett was a former Bryan High golfer that lost his life to cancer at a young age and is greatly missed.

It has not been decided if The Bryan Viking Reunion Golf Tournament will be held in the future yet, but we here at the Phillips Event Center have hopes that it will.  Proceeds from the tournament will go to the Garrett Maliska Scholarship Fund.

Newhouse Tournament

The grandmother of a former golfer with Ron Newhouse.


Newhouse Tournament 1

Ron Newhouse and the rest of his team earned second place in the tournament with a score 14 under par.